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April Newsletter

Dear Society Members,

As we enter the final quarter of the Boards year, we are grateful for the support and interest that has been shown for our programs. We look forward to the continuance of this cooperation as we prepare for the Candlelight Concert celebrating our 40th anniversary which will be held on Sunday, April 25th, and for our final program on Sunday, May 16th, presented by John Babina about early communication technology. The Open House on Reminiscing on February 28th was well attended and the presenters were well received. An interesting and enlightening afternoon was had by all in attendance. The oral history project was also introduced by John Babina. We are most anxious to interview and record citizens who have a lot to tell us about the old days. On March 28th, an open house was held at the Schoolhouse; on Aril 25th the open house will be at the Meetinghouse in conjunction with the Candlelight Concert; in May an open house will once again be held at the Eliot Beardlsey Homestead and June will find us again at the Schoolhouse. The open houses give members and townspeople an opportunity to visit and become acquainted with the Society and its objectives. One of the challenges and concerns of the Society is the maintenance and preservation of our three properties. Several projects need to be addressed in the very near future. They are: 1. Oiling of the roof of the Beardsley Homestead. 2. Replacing the roof on the barn at the Beardsley Homestead 3. Oiling the roof at the Schoolhouse 4. Painting the exterior of the Meetinghouse. We have also received quotes as to the framing and displaying of the stained glass windows presently being stored at the Meetinghouse. We have established a committee and adopted an acquisition policy. Procedures are being written and the committee will be working on the Societys collection. In April the nominating committee will be named. The task of the committee is to seek out officers and board members who are committed to the purposes of the Society and the community. The nominating committee will be chaired by Bob Gondar assisted by Nancy Zorena and Marge Tranzillo. If you would like to serve on the board, please contact any committee member. At the April program the first in our building collectibles will be introduced - that of the Schoolhouse. Also, a reminder that the amber bottle exhibiting the old Town Hall is now available. Our spring season will be a most busy one. School visits to our one-room Schoolhouse are always welcome and enjoyed by the participants from the local schools and schools from surrounding communities. In May we will adopt our budget and capital projects programs; we will establish a By Laws committee to review and update. It has been an exciting and interesting year for me as President and I would like to thank all those who have helped in our many accomplishments. I look forward to working with our new President, officers and board as we continue our 40th Anniversary year. Bob Tranzillo


From the Bridgeport Post, January 25, 1959

Frederick Gregory Heads Monroe Historical Group
MONROE - Frederick M. Gregory, of Wheeler Road, has been elected president of the newly-formed Monroe Historical Society, Inc., the first such organization in town designed to preserve the history of the community. Other officers elected at a recent meeting in the Congregational Church hall are: Oswin V. Warner, vice president; Dr. H. Lyle Stotts, vice president; Mrs. Lloyd E. Stevens, secretary; Lewis D. Andrews, treasurer; John H. Chase, Jr., curator; George S. Warde, auditor; and Frederick A. Freedman, counsel. Members of the Board of Directors are Mrs. Wesley Millard, Mrs. Herman J. Sapei, Mrs. Earl Lewis, Mrs. Harold G. Loveland, Mr. Chase, Mr. Andrews, Carlton H. Maring, Charles R. Covert, and Mr. Gregory. Members of the Board of Incorporators include Wesley Millard, Mr. Andrews, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Loveland, Mr. Chase, Dr. Stotts, William B. Dexter, Mr. Covert, Mrs. Sapei, Mr. Warde, Mrs. Stevens, Clifford G. Sherman, Peter W. Cherry, Mr. Warner, Mrs. Henry B. Fagan, Mr. Freedman, Laird Covey, Mr. Maring, Russell Douglas, Emil J. Tramposch, Carl P. Michlein, Mrs. Ernest R. Zimmerman and J. J. Tufano.
Purposes Outlined
Purposes of the Society, outlined in the Articles of Association include procurement and preservation of whatever may relate to the civil, military, literary, industrial, domestic and ecclesiastical history and biography in general, of the town of Monroe and the general area. The articles also stated that it is desired that the society investigate and preserve such traditions as now exist only in the memory of aged persons; to procure and maintain collections in archeology, art and of the natural history of the town and surrounding country, and in particular, to encourage the study and research relating to local history. The corporation papers also say the group may receive and hold gifts, legacies or devices for its purposes and may appoint any bank to act as its fiscal agent. All funds of the corporation shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the corporation. By-laws adopted by the society create a board of 10 to 30 corporators, and they annually are charged with the responsibility of electing a board of directors, one of whom is president. Other officers may be chosen from the general membership. Present officers will serve until the annual meeting in September.
Membership Now Open
The new officers have announced that membership in the society is open to anyone in the community or outside of the community, interested in preservation of the historical facts and items of the town. Three types of membership have been designated, including charter membership which will be open until January 9, 1960; life membership which will exempt anyone from payment to annual dues, and general membership, which will be a continuing type of membership, after the charter memberships close, and is also open now. Dues of three dollars a year were decided upon by the group, as they elected officers. Dues paid now will be effective until the beginning of the first full fiscal year, July 1, 1960. In appealing for the support of those in the community who wish to know more about the history, both physical and documentary, of Monroe, Mr. Gregory said: We want to teach the history, lore and tradition of our town and preserve interesting relics of its past. We will broaden our perspective on Monroe today and tomorrow, by an understanding of the problems and experience of those who have lived here three centuries before us.
Membership Flexible
Regarding new members, Mr. Gregory said, Membership in our society can be as active as your interest, time and energy allows. Those who help us with gifts of money or property of any kind can be sure that it will be used strictly within the scene of these purposes, which we have stated in our incorporation. The scope of our various types of membership gives all an opportunity to contribute to the extent of his interest or circumstances. We are eager to have all who are interested join actively in our program. We want to make membership a personally rewarding experience. Special honorary membership has also been provided for, by election of the board of directors in recognition of special services to the Town of Monroe or the Society. The group is now setting up committees in various categories, to begin the task of compiling items, location of written materials, and a general search for information. These will be announced soon, and anyone having interest in a special phase of the towns history, is urged to contact someone in the Society, and state this interest. In this way, the work of the group may be immediately broadened, according to the officers. General meetings will be announced from time to time, after initial committees are formed.


Chewy Nut Squares
This delicious fat-free recipe for bar cookies is from the kitchen of Millie Ohm. 1 egg, unbeaten 1 cup brown sugar, packed 1 tsp. vanilla* 1/2 cup sifted flour 1/4 tsp. baking soda 1/4 tsp. salt 1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts (or pecans) Grease an 8-inch square pan. Pre-heat oven to 350 F.** Stir together the egg, sugar, and vanilla. Quickly stir in flour, baking soda, and salt. Add nuts. Spread in pan evenly, and bake for 18 - 20 minutes. Cookies should be soft in center when taken from the oven. Leave in pan to cool; cut in squares. Makes 16 - 25 squares. *Flavoring can be varied; I used 3/4 tsp. maple flavoring plus 1/4 tsp. vanilla. I think that brandy flavoring might also be good.. **If you are using a dark-colored baking pan, the temperature should be reduced to 325 F. Baking time is the same. And if you double the recipe, use 2 pans, not a larger pan.
Building Collectibles
The new Monroe Historical Society collectible, a representation of the East Village-Barn Hill Schoolhouse, is ready and may be purchased by calling Rita Sparano at 261-8897. It will also be for sale at the Candlelight Concert and Reception on April 25. Building Collectibles by Primrose Path in Stratford (artist Mariann Hudak) works from a photograph to make a scale drawing of each building. This drawing is then reproduced and mounted on wood. The price of each piece if $15.
Volunteers Needed
We are looking for people to help paint the exterior of the Meetinghouse. A date has not yet been set, but it will be some time in late spring or early summer. Please call Bob Gondar at 452-0505 is you would be willing to help. We still need someone to chair the Christmas Fair. This can be one person or more than one person and involves coordinating all the activities that go into making this one of our most successful fundraisers. Please call Judy Standerford at 268-5511 if you would like to assist with this project.
Hands on History
Our annual Hands-on-History workshop will be held this year on June 23, 24, and 25. This activity is open to children from 3rd through 6th grades and will take place at the Beardsley Homestead on Great Ring Road. We meet each morning from 9:30 until 12:00. Some of the highlights include candle-dipping, reverse-glass painting, needlework, spinning fleece, weaving, dyeing with natural plant materials, cooking with colonial recipes, and many other colonial activities. Each child will have many completed projects to take home. The cost per child is $50.00 plus a $10.00 materials fee. Call Judy Standerford at 268-5511 to register.

Open Hearth Cooking Program
The Open Hearth Cooking Program scheduled for March 21 was postponed until April 24. You may still register for this program by calling 268-5511. During this workshop you will learn how to start and manage a fire in the fireplace, use the beehive oven, and prepare a meal utilizing the hearth and the oven. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to sample all of the food that they have prepared. Cost is $40.00 and enrollment is limited to eight people.
. Archeology Program
The Archeology Program scheduled for May 7 was postponed until October 24. State Archeologist and University of Connecticut professor Nick Bellantoni will present a program about archeological finds along the pipeline constructions sites and in the Housatonic Valley. The program will take place at the East Village Meetinghouse.
. Condolences
Our deepest sympathies are extended to Rita Sparano and her family on the loss of her mother, and to Marge Tranzillo and her family on the loss of her mother.