How Legalizing Sports Betting Will Increase the Value of Television Advertising

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Legalizing sports betting is a great way to combat rampant gambling and increase viewership and engagement for sporting events. In addition to being a safer alternative to rampant gambling, it will also increase the value of television advertising. Here are the benefits of legalizing sports betting. Read on to learn more about how legalizing sports betting can increase value of television advertising. If you’re considering legalizing sports betting, consider the following:

Legalizing sports betting is safer than rampant sports gambling

The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down the PAPSA, or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which banned sports wagering. The PAPSA had created a huge illegal market and posed public policy problems. In a 7-to-2 decision, the court rejected Hatch’s argument that the state-by-state approach would lead to rampant sports betting and uneven enforcement, creating a patchwork race to the bottom.

It increases engagement

While individual motivations for risky behavior are complex, the social contexts in which individuals participate in gambling, such as a sense of financial security, the desire for material gain, and vulnerabilities in life may all play a role. Consequently, these contexts can also shape the choices of individuals in the wider society. Several studies have shown that young men perceive sports betting as a normal activity, which may influence their own participation.

It increases the value of advertising on television

While sports betting has been banned on some broadcast channels since the UK enacted a blanket ban in 2018, the industry is making inroads. Italian regulators banned advertising on sports betting sites, and the United Kingdom recently banned advertisements featuring celebrities. Chile and Australia are also considering a ban on sports betting ads. But in the U.S., sports betting advertising has gained popularity, and some professional leagues even have sports books inside their stadiums. In addition, some broadcasts no longer hedge when discussing the odds of a game. Meanwhile, some programs feature on-screen tickers detailing point spreads.

It increases the value of digital streaming

The availability of high-quality data for betting makes it possible for sportsbook operators to increase the value of digital streaming sports betting. In-game betting is an example of this phenomenon, with bookmakers changing odds on the fly to meet the needs of their customers. As an added bonus, it increases the frequency and volume of bets. Digital streams come with data suites from diverse providers. In addition to quality data, they must be delivered quickly.

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