What Are Business Services and How Can They Benefit From the Development of a Service-Oriented Economy?

Business services

As a subset of economic services, business services have a number of common characteristics. As businesses, they are concerned with building service systems and delivering value to customers. They also act as both a service provider and a consumer. In this article, we look at some of the characteristics of business services and their impact on the economy. In addition, we explore how businesses can benefit from the development of a service-oriented economy. The definitions below will help you to understand how businesses create value through their offerings.

Service value proposition

Writing a Service value proposition for business services requires you to consider your target audience and their pain points. It must address their needs and incorporate phrasing that will be appealing to them. The most effective value propositions are focused on the benefits that they will gain from using your product or service. For example, if you provide workflow management, you should highlight the time saved by using your product or service. In addition, your audience should be able to determine if the solution you are offering will provide them with the specific outcome they need.

Non-transferable nature

Business services are intangible activities that organizations provide to their customers. They do not produce any tangible result and are not linked to a particular commodity or another service. The nature of services also requires personal contact between the service provider and the consumer, in order to address the wants of both parties. Business services are different from production of goods, as they are purely aimed at meeting the wants of consumers. There are many different types of business services.

Fragmented industry

One of the reasons why business services are a fragmented industry is the lack of a single dominant company. This situation makes it difficult for one company to gain an edge in the market and earn profits. Another issue that can create problems is the lack of credibility among competitors. If companies in this industry don’t disclose the benefits of their products or services, customers may not be able to make an informed decision. The fragmented industry can result in a large payoff for the owner.

Impact on economy

The growth of the business services sector is the fastest-growing in the economy. Other important drivers of growth include the expansion of the mining industry and increased outsourcing of auxiliary services. Technological advances have also helped some businesses in the business services sector grow, and the overall demand for skilled labour has increased. Growth is likely to continue in the higher-skilled portions of the business services sector. These factors may explain the strong performance of the business services sector as a whole.


During the reporting period, a firm incurred direct labor costs as well as the salary of its professional staff. These costs are regarded as cost of business services. Like the cost of goods sold, these costs are based on a specific object, such as equipment, raw materials, or labor. For example, if the company develops software, the costs of software development will be reflected on its balance sheet as a direct cost.

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