How News Is Created and Distributed


There are many different types of models for how news is created and distributed. Some models are professional and involve highly skilled people who put events together for a specific audience. Other models focus on the impact that the news will have on readers. A good example of a professional news model is the Mirror Model, which holds that news should reflect reality. Another model, called the Organizational Model, focuses on applying pressure to governmental processes.

Content analysis of news values

Content analysis of news values is a framework for analyzing news stories that is particularly useful for journalists and other media professionals. These studies demonstrate how news content and news values are interrelated and integral to the mediated world of news audiences. As news organizations strive to produce maximum news coverage, it is vital that they understand how audiences interpret and respond to news content.

Influence of audience on news selection

The influence of audiences on news selection is important in both online and offline newsrooms. In both cases, audiences are the top priority. However, audiences are influenced differently by other factors, including competition and community leaders. In this article, we discuss the influence of audiences on news quality across four analytical dimensions.

Impact of violence

The unending stream of news stories filled with violence has a negative impact on kids of all ages. While the causes of violence are unclear, the media’s inflammatory content is bad for kids’ emotional development. Here are some things to remember to help your kids deal with the constant barrage of violence.


When it comes to the timing of news, there are two major factors to consider: the source and the media outlet. Public posts have traditionally been the source of press reports, but the development of telegraphy and cellular technology changed this. During the 19th century, news was transmitted through private telegraph companies, subjecting it to discounts, rates, and even theft. These challenges led editors to collaborate with each other to improve their newsgathering processes. In the 1840s, the Associated Press was formed, bringing together wire services to assemble news reports for distribution.


A recent study highlights the importance of locality in news stories. The report notes that a number of factors can impact the newsworthiness of a story. For example, the number of people affected by a story can make it more newsworthy than one involving a small group of people. It also highlights the impact of corporate acquisitions on local newspapers. The report recommends that the government take action to help regional newspapers survive.


Relevance is a key element in news selection. It is not only about the story’s content, but also its social significance. For example, an article containing a debate about a controversial issue may be relevant to a person based on how many people are affected by it. It could also be relevant to someone based on their prior knowledge of the topic.

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